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Writing a novel is hard work. Editing can be even harder.

As a journalist-turned-author, I understand how stressful the publishing process can be. Revising takes time, and it’s important to gain perspective from fresh eyes to ensure your manuscript is clean and concise.


I will work with you on a one-on-one basis to fulfil your editing needs and elevate your manuscript to a quality, print-ready standard. With my assistant, Aidan, on board to cross-check copy and line edits, your manuscript is in good hands.

Have questions that need answering? I’m here. Unsure what service is right for you? Ask away. I'm always happy to chat and my DM's on Instagram are always open. Building a rapport is important, and I welcome the opportunity to get to know you on-and-off the page!

My specialty? Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Young Adult, but I'm open to other genres.

Now, let’s do this thing!


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Ready to move forward?

 If you have any questions regarding my services and rates, please send me an email to with details of your manuscript genre, word count, the type of edits you require and the date you would like to begin. 


I will typically respond within 48 business hours.

Please note, should you wish to go ahead with a booking, all clients are required to sign a contract and pay a deposit before services commence.

Thanks for submitting!

Meet the team

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Chloe, Founder and Chief Editor

I have always been fond of literature. I grew up reading fantasy books until the day finally arrived where I started writing one. As a journalist, I would write articles, columns and blogs for newsrooms and magazines. I produced and reported news for live radio. But in the end … the call of creative writing was too strong not to answer.

Now, I spend my days both writing and editing; a love for books and helping others intertwining until I founded Chloe’s Chapters. If I’m not reading, writing, or editing, you’ll find me playing video games, at the beach, or going for hikes in sunny Queensland.

 I am a creative thinker, writer, and producer. Writing and editing is in my blood, and more importantly -- something I've had extensive experience in as both a professional author and editor.  ​With a Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing, I have the skills and knowledge to assist you.


I am passionate about books, and I want to share that experience with fellow authors while developing strong relationships.

I am the sole developmental editor for Chloe's Chapters and the chief editor. Rest assured that together, your manuscript is in good hands.

​Want to know more about my own books? I am the author of the Guardians of the Grove trilogy, and The Cursed Blood duology.

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Aidan, Freelance Copy Editor

I am a former journalist with a Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing, and a Bachelor of English and Creative Writing. Though I do love writing—and journalism was a great outlet for that—my true passions are reading, editing, and all things books! 

By nature, I am extremely (some might say annoyingly) thorough, but only because I love figuring out how grammar should fit together. Any manuscript can be enhanced, and I strive to ensure your writing is the best it can be... and that comes through in my editing. 

I specialise in copy editing and proofreading for Chloe's Chapters, and away from freelancing for the lovely and talented Chloe, I am studying to be a librarian to further surround myself with books.


I like sports, food, and am a serial dog hugger!


Chloe has been an amazing sidekick from day one and has made the editing process so much less daunting than it should have been! Every suggestion has been extremely helpful and each set of edits was completed meticulously and with concise changes. As an amateur author, I have a long way to go before becoming a decent writer... but I have already learnt imperative things from Chloe that will ensure my manuscript is much more acceptable. I have already booked my next set of edits with her and am looking forward to the process once again! 


Anita Eschler, Author of:

Vanquished: Breath of Death

Emergence: Breath of Life

Reclamation: Final Breath 



Chloe is an absolute pleasure to work with! Her feedback is clear, detailed and relevant, and she poses questions and ideas that have brought out the best in my writing. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first experience in the editing process and it's all thanks to Chloe and her great communication and manner. It is a fantastic feeling when someone else cares about your book as much as you do! I look forward to working with Chloe for many years to come.

Rebecca Camm, Author of:

Liars & Light


Chloe and I have been working very hard on a revised edition of my first book in my YA Fantasy series, The Crowning. The final product is amazing-- I couldn't be happier. Chloe has exceptional customer service skills and her communication throughout each stage of the process was brilliant. Chloe was extremely thorough and did a terrific job. It was really good to have another professional's opinion from both a writer and editor's perspective. I would highly recommend Chloe to any writer or author in need of a professional proof-reader or copy-editor. I loved working with her so much that I have already hired her to edit the next book in my series.

Working with Chloe is effortless-- she really is a fantastic writer and editor.

Nattie Kate Mason: Author of :

The Crowning series

The Goddess of Blood and Bone

Image by Chris Lawton

Chloe's Chapters,
Adelaide, Australia

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