Vengeance Blooms

"This dark fairytale has all the hallmarks of becoming a fan-favorite epic fantasy trilogy!"

"I was hooked within the first few pages and it easily has been one of my favourite reads..."

--Chloe E, Goodreads

"Hodge, as far as debuts go, is meticulous in crafting her characters and world, lore and wonder as if she has been doing it for years."

--Nicholas Gagnier, Goodreads

"I’ve enjoyed Eragon, Hobbits, Dark Elves, and Shannara and many many more. I enjoyed this equal to any of them."

--Lee Arrowood, Goodreads

"The quality of writing aligns with some of the best fantasy writers that I've been exposed to."

--Georgina Proctor, Goodreads

"I found this so magical and loved all of it, the world building was amazing (and there are places I now totally want to see) and I did not expect that twist!"

--Ali, Goodreads