Fury Burns hardcover (3) Signed and with free bookmark

Fury Burns hardcover (3) Signed and with free bookmark

‘War isn’t cheap … and what bleeds will die.’


Broken by grief and lost to despair, Ashalea Kindaris has no choice but to continue fighting for Everosia. A final Guardian awaits in Kingsgareth Mountains, where a new hope sparks in the form of a fiery dwarf.


But even together, the Guardians cannot wage this war alone. Treaties must be forged, alliances made, if the races have any hope of defeating Crinos and sealing the Gates of the Grove for good.


War is looming ever closer. The drums shall sound Everosia’s doom, and blood will soak the land should the Guardians fail to stop the darkness.


With the final battle approaching, Ashalea must decide what she will sacrifice to save Everosia.


Can she stand against her greatest enemy? Can she kill her brother?

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