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A Sky of Storms paperback

A Sky of Storms paperback

I’m a daughter of House Jupiter, the empire’s most powerful family built on the backs of those brainwashed to serve.


The king is dead, and the Terrulian Trials have begun. This is my one chance to be crowned ruler of the kingdom and right my family’s wrongs.


If only it were that simple.


The House of Ascension isn’t for the fainthearted. I must survive five deadly challenges to secure my place as queen—and that’s not counting the Potentials ready to stab me in the back.


It doesn’t help that four sinfully good-looking guys keep messing with my head. I can’t trust anyone, least of all myself.


There can only be one sovereign … and I’ll stop at nothing to win these vicious games.


***The Terrulian Trials is a steamy urban fantasy series brimming with mystery, magic, and blood. This is a “why choose” novel, meaning the heroine ends up with multiple love interests. This novel is recommended for readers 18+ and is book one of six. We recommend for fans who enjoy the humour and fun of Zodiac Academy, the brutality of The Hunger Games, and the steaminess of The Bonds that Tie. If you're looking for a serious read in this academy-set series, this isn't it!

  • NOTE

    These books are limited as they are leftover stock from events. As Rebecca and I live in different states, I am unable to offer you signatures from us both. 

    Please note that should you request a signature, this will be from Chloe only. 

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