"You are the heroine, born from vengeance."

After vowing to avenge her parent's death, Ashalea soon realises destiny has other plans in store for her.

The darkness threatens the heart of Everosia, and only the Guardians can save the world now.


Nestled at the heart of the Grove, the Gate lies in wait for its protectors to seal it for good, lest the darkness open the portal to allow passage for his monstrous legions.

The Guardians are Everosia's last hope ... and she is the key that seals the lock.

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I've lived a thousand lifetimes.

I have loved and lost, conquered and crushed.

I have brandished the sword and aimed true with the bow.

I have murdered and been murdered. I am a thief turned saint; a commoner turned queen.

I am an author, and books are my triumph. Reading is my passion, and words are my story.

This is my life. I hope you'll walk it with me.