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Vengeance Blooms

Book One of the Guardians of the Grove Trilogy

Gripping. Suspenseful. Dangerous.


Orphaned and alone, Ashalea Kindaris has just one goal in life -- to avenge the death of her parents. But when darkness descends on the land, she discovers her motives are linked to a much larger quest.

To protect the world from elimination, she must find the next Guardians of the Grove -- Everosia's inner sanctum and gateway to other dimensions.

As shadows disperse and the forces of evil mount, Ashalea travels through water and wood, sewer and summit, to reach the chosen.

Will her training lead to victory, or will the weight of unravelling secrets lead to her ruin?


This novel is everything you want in a YA Fantasy novel, amazing plot, spectacular character development, and an epic adventure. This authors writing style and world building reminds me of Tolkein. I highly recommend this book.

------ Natalie Mason, 5 stars


I was a beta reader for this book. I have now read it three times, and loved every second of it. Hodge, as far as debuts go, is meticulous in crafting her characters and world, lore and wonder as if she has been doing it for years. If you like high fantasy and well-realized worlds, this is for you.

------ Nicholas Gagnier, 5 stars


This book was amazing. Absolutely gripping! The world that Hodge builds is a mix between Tolkein's Lord of the Rings and The Cruel Prince. I was hooked within the first few pages and it easily has been one of my favourite reads (it now has an honorary spot on my shelf among my other favourite reads!) ... 

------ Chloé E, 5 Stars

Awesome read! What a wonderful world the author has created. I loved the plot twists and character personalities. Will definitely come back for the second book!

------ Max Hinder, 5 Stars

While the fantasy genre is not normally my thing, I really quite enjoyed this book. I liked the characters and felt I could relate to their motivations. The story was compelling and I can't wait for book two.

------ Aidan C, 5 Stars

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About the Author

I've lived a thousand lifetimes.

I have loved and lost, conquered and crushed.

I have brandished the sword and aimed true with the bow.

I have murdered and been murdered. I am a thief turned saint; a commoner turned Queen.

I've lived a thousand lifetimes. 

I am an author, and books are my triumph. Reading is my passion, and words are my story. 

I am Chloe.

Self-published author. Avid reader. Lover of all things nerdy, one handsome man, and two silly dogs.

This is my life. I hope you'll walk it with me.

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Chloe and I have been working very hard behind the scenes on a revised edition of my already published book, The Crowning. The final product is amazing, and I couldn't be happier. 

Chloe has exceptional customer service skills and her communication throughout each stage of the process was brilliant. It was really good to have another professional's opinion from both a writer and editor's perspective.

I would highly recommend Chloe to any writer or author in need of a professional proof-reader or copy-editor. I loved working with her so much that I have already hired her to edit the next book in my series.

Working with Chloe is effortless; she really is a fantastic writer and editor.

Nattie Kate Mason, YA Fantasy Author


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